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Baby, Come Back!

Three Friday evenings at 7.15pm plus one Saturday a month at 2.30pm

Developing Recall Relationships and Fabulous Focus

Any age, any breed, any training experience – learn how to develop your dog’s connection with you, regardless of the distractions.

Do you want to enjoy your walks, safe in the knowledge that your dog enjoys being with you on a walk, and will come when called? You need Baby, Come Back! a four course class to build focus and engagement outside, improve recall, and introduce an emergency stop / recall.

This class is for anyone who wants to improve their dog’s engagement and recall – whether they are an adolescent, a new rescue dog, or an older dog who lacks focus outside. Helping to cement key life skills such as calmness, self control, and listening to humans. Dogs must be able to cope in a class environment with up to 3 other dogs – we can also provide this course as a 1:1 package – email for details.

The complete course is three indoor classes on Friday evenings at 7.15 – 8.15pm, followed by a Saturday afternoon class at 2,30pm. £100 for the four course class.

This course is available several times a year, usually from the first Friday evening of the month, with the Saturday class taking place the following month. See available dates below.

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