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Developing Dynamic Dogs

Beginners Wednesday 7.45pm, Drop in Wednesday 6.30pm

Whether your dog is a canine athlete, or you simply want to improve your dog’s core strength, body awareness and whole body fitness, this class with Sian is for you. While the days are short and the nights are dark, our Dog Parkour teams keep up their skills as Dynamic Dogs.

Working through structured exercises for core, front legs, back legs and whole body, we’ll cover every element of your dog’s physical fitness and have fun at the same time. Based on the cutting edge work of Christine Zink, plus elements of Active Balance and Dog Parkour, you and your dog will work at your own pace, ticking off the levels and increasing the challenges as you need to.

You won’t need expensive equipment or the latest gadgets, and the exercises can be incorporated in to your daily walks, or just while you’re hanging around waiting for the kettle to boil.

Learn the principles of warming up, stretches, conditioning and cool down, as well as how to spot potential problems and lameness. Do you know what the natural gait of your dog is and how to use that to your advantage? Book in to these classes to find out.


Dogs must be comfortable working in a class environment with other dogs, without excessive barking or fear of people of other dogs. If you are not sure your dog will cope please email [email protected] to discuss before booking your place. This is not a class for rehab unless with the agreement of a qualified canine physiotherapist or massage therapist.


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