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Developing Ready? Steady? Stop!

One Saturday a month at 2.30pm


Any age, any breed, any training experience.

Want to join our Gundogs and Games workshops? You need this class first to give you the essential foundation behaviours.

Struggling to get your dog’s attention outside, or have a less-than reliable recall which makes walking your dog less than enjoyable?  This class is also for anyone who wants to improve their dog’s engagement and recall – whether they are an adolescent, a new rescue dog, or an older dog who lacks focus outside.

Each class will cover skills around reinforcement, clicker training, steadiness and emergency stop.  Incorporating  placeboards, whistles and play the content of the class will change so you can attend as many times as you need. If you are wishing to join Gundogs and Games we suggest a minimum of 2 classes to give you the foundation skills for gundog work.

Book now and start enjoying your walks again.


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