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Teen Woof Club

4th Friday 7.15pm

Has your biddable puppy become a Teenage Monster Ninja Canine? Do you feel like they have forgotten everything you’ve ever taught them? It sounds like adolescence is kicking in, and you could do with a bit of support to get through this together.

Come along to our monthly Teen Woof! support group led by Gemma – a training class just for adolescent dogs. We meet on the 4th Friday evening of the month, and you can book and drop in whenever suits you.

We’ll help you re-establish those good habits that your puppy training had instilled, and help with any questions or problems you’re having in this critical phase of your dog’s development.

Book your session now and relax knowing we’re here to help.

We had a lovely time at Teen Woof Club - I loved the relaxed but safe atmosphere which was created in the room and Marley had a great time, it was the first class he's done in a different environment with a new trainer and dogs he didn't know and it was made really easy for him with the small group, lovely room and great teacher! Olivia and Marley


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