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Online Classes

Life Skills Online

We have gone through our in-person Life Skills course and tailored it to work online, this is the place to start if you have a new dog joining your family (puppy or older), or if you would just like somewhere to start with your training with us. The beauty about

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Life Skills PLUS Online – Outside

One of our most popular classes this year has been the Life Skills + – Outside course, so we have brought it to you online! This class will be giving you exercises to work on to help improve your lead work, recall, stop whistle, settling outside and more, to help

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Trick of the Week

Are you looking for some new tricks to teach your dog whilst at home? Then come and join us for our Trick of the Week sessions! We have designed these courses so that you need next to no equipment, all you’ll need is your dog, some treats/toys and your internet

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Creative Classes

Creative Classes  Mysteries to solve, puzzles to complete, clues to crack with dog training tasks mixed in too; all of which can be carried out in your living room. Can you work as a team to solve the mysteries? Some of the recent mysteries that have needed solving are:  The

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Gundog Skills

This is a fun and lighthearted session to help you with your basic gundog skills. We will be looking at retrieving, your whistles (hunting, change direction, stop, recall), exercises for your heel work and more. You will need a whistle (we recommend either and Acme 210.5 or 211.5), a lead

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Talking Dogs Scentwork

These sessions are for those that have already been introduced to Talking Dogs Scentwork and want to either be guided by Louise in searches or to advance from the level they’re already at; if you haven’t been introduced to Talking Dogs Scentwork yet, then you can still join in these

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Mental Workout

Our Mental Workout classes are designed to challenge you and your dog and get that grey matter firing! We will be looking at various brain exercises such as shaping, teaching your dog to indicate colours, matching to sample and more! As with most of our online services, we are trying

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Lockdown Parkour

In these sessions we will be looking at teaching some of the basic parkour moves (two feet up, four feet up, round, under, over etc.) in the comfort of your own homes. You don’t need any fancy equipment for these, but you will need items that you don’t mind your

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Hoopers: Intro and Advanced

Intro Course These sessions have been designed to teach you and your dog the basics of Hoopers, so you can then join in with our weekly drop-in advanced sessions. You will need three of your own hoops, if you don’t have your own hoops then click here to watch Louise’s

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Activities Class Online

This class covers a variety of training topics from puzzles and mysteries, tricks, parkour, clicker work and more! A great class to attend if you are looking for variety and fun! This class is run by Louise and takes place on Tuesday evenings from 18:00 – 18:45. To join these

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