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Developing Dogs Parkour

Wednesday 6.30pm Advanced, 7.45pm Beginners

What on earth is Dog Parkour?

Well, as we were the first place in the UK to be offering training courses and attaining international titles in Dog Parkour then it’s not surprising that you might not have heard of it! Take a look at this article about the dog parkour we did on BBC2’s Me and My Dog to learn more.

A Great Way to Add Interest to your Walks

Anything can be a dog parkour obstacle – from a low wall, to an abandoned shopping trolley, to a log or even a parked car – once you’ve got your Parkour Eye you’ll be seeing dog parkour challenges everywhere. With the added bonus of improving your focus and connection with your dog outside, Dog Parkour is simply fun.

From the website of the International Dog Parkour Association:

Parkour is a physical discipline in which individuals move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path. It includes climbing, balancing, jumping, running, vaulting, creativity and working past fear. So what is dog parkour? Dog parkour, sometimes known as urban agility, is an activity based on the same principles. It is a challenging, but fun, physical activity in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment. Just like in the human version, in dog parkour we work on ways to conquer obstacles, such as climbing, balancing, and jumping. Dog Parkour is a non competitive event, but it is a titling event.

We have two levels of Dog Parkour classes:

Our Beginners Course which takes place over five weeks and introduces the basic moves, and gets you up to Novice level by the end. Open to any dog of any age (we adjust obstacles to suit puppies) as long as they can cope in a group class without barking at other dogs. Cost £80

Course start dates: 9th May, 27th June at 19.45pm Book your place now by clicking on your preferred start date, or using the booking calendar below. 

Our Advanced Drop In classes are open to anyone who has attended a Parkour Beginners class, or attained their Novice title via the IDPA: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Book your place now by clicking on the link, or using the booking calendar below – drop in classes are at the bottom of the page.

Dog Parkour classes are led by Sian Ryan


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