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Developing Puppies Life Skills

Sundays at 1:30pm

***OPEN ENROLMENT PUPPY LIFE SKILLS CLASSES (click here to purchase your package)***

We have reopened our puppy classes and they will now be outside in our paddocks and fields to ensure that everyone can stay a safe distance apart; you are required to wash your hands upon arrival. These classes will run on Sundays at 13:30 with Calum.

There are no classes on:

Our classes are open to puppies under six months at their first class and are open enrolment which means you can start as soon as you want.  No waiting for a course to start – join as soon as we have a space; each class covers a specific real world topic, so you can learn how to give your puppy the best start in situations you face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter when you start or what order you do the classes – each class is designed specifically to support you and your puppy to learn what you need.

Going to the Park
Dinner Time: Dogs and Humans
Visiting the Vets
Handling & Grooming
Friends for Coffee
Going to the Pub / Cafe
Brain Games & Being a Dog

The course lasts 7 weeks and our focus is on teaching life skills – such as self control, being calm, being able to listen and having good manners – rather than basic obedience, although you will still finish the course with a good sit / down / recall etc and the knowledge to progress them further if you wish.

The course includes a copy of the book Life Skills for Puppies, handouts for the class sessions, and a goody bag and there are no more than 4 puppies in each class. We try to use as much of our secure outdoor space as possible so you practice what you’re learning in the real world too.

The cost is £140 for 7 weeks including all the above (click here to purchase your package).

If you would like to watch any of our classes before booking then that’s great – just let us know so we can set aside some time to chat to you on the day.

Buy your package of classes for the day you want by clicking here and then book your sessions using the link on your package confirmation screen. You can check when we have spaces for you to start by clicking on your preferred date below.

Have been doing the puppy training class and Ted has really benefited from it. He and I have learnt loads and will be coming back for the activity classes as they are so well taught.


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