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Developing Rapid Retrieves

Occasional: Mondays and Fridays

Life Skills PLUS We are very excited to be offering unique follow-on services to our Life Skills courses, and the best part is that you can pick exactly what you want to sign up to and work on. Much like our Life Skills course, Life Skills PLUS is themed, but rather than different weekly scenarios, each three week intensive course focuses on the one subject at hand. Is your dog pulling on the lead? Then sign up to our Developing Loose Lead Walking course! Recall issues? Come along to Developing Reliable Recall! We understand that every dog is different, and the same is to be said about every dog family, so after you have completed your Life Skills course you can now work on areas that you wish to excel in! Our Life Skills PLUS courses are also open to anyone who wants to work on a specific behaviour, but we recommend that if you have not done a training course with your dog before that, you start with our Life Skills for Beginners course to build a solid foundation. Our three week Life Skills PLUS courses are:

  • Developing Brains with Games
  • Developing Noses with Games
  • Developing Cooperative Canine Care
  • Developing Loose Lead Walking
  • Developing Rapid Retrieves
  • Developing Reliable Recall
  • Developing Calmness and Control in Context

Each course lasts three weeks, and you can come to as many courses as you like, or even repeat a course if you want to further refine your skills in a specific area. There are a maximum of 4 dogs per course so you’re guaranteed individual attention, and each course costs £75. Our Life Skills PLUS courses take place on Monday evenings, Tuesday lunchtime and Friday evenings, and there are different topics on offer all the time. Book your place now.

Developing Rapid Retrieves

Whether you are training your dog towards Gundog work, assistance work or simply would like to teach your dog a fun and useful skill of picking up items for you, then join us and let us help you Develop Rapid Retrieves! We will be working on the basic retrieve and showing different ways in which you can use this useful skill, from retrieving a dummy to hand, to learning to take items and place them where you ask.


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