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Lockdown Parkour

Wednesdays at 6pm

In these sessions we will be looking at teaching some of the basic parkour moves (two feet up, four feet up, round, under, over etc.) in the comfort of your own homes. You don’t need any fancy equipment for these, but you will need items that you don’t mind your dogs putting their feet on (e.g. old cooking pot, sofa cushion, tin cans etc.). This isn’t just for beginners though, as we will give you ways to test your cues to make sure that you and your dog understand exactly what is being asked of them. 

These sessions are 30 minutes long and take place on Wednesday evenings at 18:00.

To join these classes sign up for our online membership which gives you unlimited access for £45 per month with a variety of classes to choose from, you could do something different every day.


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