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Mental Workout

Wednesdays at 10am and Thursdays at 1pm

Our Mental Workout classes are designed to challenge you and your dog and get that grey matter firing! We will be looking at various brain exercises such as shaping, teaching your dog to indicate colours, matching to sample and more! As with most of our online services, we are trying to limit the amount of required equipment to things you should have around the house, but you may need a clicker, a container/cardboard box big enough for your dog to get in, yellow and blue Post-It notes, duplicates of at least two items that you don’t mind your dog picking up (two slippers, two tennis balls etc.). We will send an email round before the class letting participants know what we will be doing in the class that week so that you have time to prepare 🙂

These classes are 30 minutes long and are on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 and Thursday afternoons at 13:00, the Thursday session will be a repeat of what is covered on Wednesdays but you are welcome to do both session to continue practicing what you started! Please drop us an email if you have any questions. 

To join these classes sign up for our online membership which gives you unlimited access for £45 per month with a variety of classes to choose from, you could do something different every day.


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