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Nail Maintenance Online Course

Every other Wednesday at 18:30

With a lot people working at home these days, we find ourselves working through all those jobs that we seem to always save for ‘tomorrow’, and cutting our dogs’ nails tends to be on that list! But then when getting round to it, you might find yourself not knowing where to start or how to do it, or you might be one that can’t cut your dog’s nails because they won’t let you. This course is designed to introduce how you can make a start on this process with various techniques and making sure that you get the initial handling right, as without a strong foundation, progression can be almost impossible. 

This is an online course, which we have found works really well because the dogs tend to be more comfortable at home with minimal distractions. There are three 45mins sessions and take place once every other week to give you plenty of time to practice between sessions; the cost of the course is £80.

The dates of this course are:

  • Wednesday 25th August @ 18:30
  • Wednesday 8th September @ 18:30
  • Wednesday 22nd September @ 18:30


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