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Nail Maintenance Month – Members Only

One Month, from 1st Feb 2020 at 1pm

EXCLUSIVE 25 day home support programme with Sian Ryan (behaviourist and trainer from BBC2’s Me and My Dog) for YOU and YOUR DOG

Is your dog this relaxed about having their claws / nails clipped?

Or do they…
🐾 run away and hide if they see the clippers…
🐾 try to bite you if you touch their paws…
🐾 pull their feet out of your hand as you’re clipping their nails?
Do you…
☹️ dread having to do their nails and put it off as long as possible…
☹️ worry about how much you’re supposed to be taking off…
☹️ end up stressed and upset…
Ready to learn how to make it relaxing for both of you?
Make February #NailMaintenanceMonth and join the Developing Dogs Members-only Community for daily live coaching sessions, support and encouragement. We will cover everything from emergency techniques to long term stress-free maintenance, giving you a range of options so you can choose what suits you best. 
You will get:
🤩 25 live coaching sessions in the comfort of your own home with Sian via Zoom.
🤩 Access to the exclusive Developing Dogs Nail Maintenance Members Forum and Resources.
🤩 Accountability and support to practice daily with your dog.
🤩 Feedback and encouragement for your practice sessions.
Starting 1st February 1.00pm, 25 live sessions via Zoom (no session 8th, 15th or 22nd).
Make that commitment to improve you and your dog’s quality of life, remove a source of stress, and empower yourselves to make nail maintenance a pleasure for both of you.
Access to this programme would normally cost £75 for the month, but we are running a lockdown special for ONLY £25.
Spaces are limited – we won’t be opening this programme up again for at least 3 months – so book your place now:


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