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Strike a Pose

Wednesdays and Sundays at 12pm

This is a fun, two session weekly course designed to help you take pictures of your dogs. One thing I have noticed in my years of taking pictures of other people’s dogs is that the dogs can have a great “stay” until the camera comes out, then the dog moves and the handler can nag; the more the handler nags, the more the dog gets stressed and starts to pant and it doesn’t make for the best picture. We will help you with getting your dog to stay in position whilst you get your camera out and snap a shot of them at their best. In the first session we will look at teaching a pose and in the second session we’ll aim to finalise it, if you are then happy with your shot, you can send it in to us and we will have a weekly share on our Facebook page where you’ll be in with a chance of winning a prize for the most popular photo. You don’t need any fancy equipment, the camera on your phone will be ample, and we will look at poses where you don’t need any accessories and discuss potential ideas for using things you have around the house. 

These courses are weekly with the first 30 minute session on Wednesdays afternoons at 12:00 and the second on Sunday afternoons at 12:00.

To join these classes sign up for our online membership. You can chose 5 classes a month (these two sessions count as 1 class) for £45, or unlimited classes for £65. With over 15 classes to choose from you could do something different every day.


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