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Calum McConnell

APDT Trainer

Like everyone who takes classes at Developing Dogs, Calum is a fully assessed and accredited APDT UK Trainer, and also teaches on their Instructors Course, passing on his knowledge to people who wish to qualify and work as dog trainers in the future.

Calum has many years experience of training dogs and people, and until recently ran his own dog daycare business in London, alongside taking training classes. He has four dogs of his own: Pippin a Pug cross Shih-Tzu, Hedwig a Collie cross Spaniel, Norman a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Lupin a Working Golden Retriever. Outside of work he trains his dogs in multiple disciplines including tricks (his gang are a key feature of the APDT Display Team) and gundog work (Pippin would be a fabulous gundog if she weren’t smaller than the birds).

Calum is also an excellent photographer.