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Many of the workshops we run at Developing Dogs are unique to us, although you may have seen similar themes on Me and My Dog with Sian as the expert trainer. Designed to be fun, thought provoking, challenging, and always with you and your dog’s welfare in mind.

We use our amazing facilities, our in-depth knowledge of dogs and our creativity to continue to bring you experiences that no-one else can.

Whether it’s a seminar or a workshop we aim to leave you happy, with new knowledge and a renewed enjoyment for working with your dog.

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Escape From Barkatraz!

One on 8th December, one on 9th December both @ 10am

Doggy escape room, discover clues, break codes, solve puzzles and take on training challenges to free Pip from her cell before lights out!


Talking Dogs Scentwork Scent 1 with Sally Talbot

Saturday 20th October, Saturday 24th November 2018

TURN YOUR DOG’S FAVOURITE PASTIME IN TO YOUR FAVOURITE HOBBY. Teach your dog how to become a detector dog Harness the power of your dog’s nose.


Talking Dogs Scentwork: Scent 2 Handling Skills

Saturday 15th December 2018

The next step in your Talking Dogs Scentwork journey: Scent 2 to build your skills



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