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Saturday 17th June | 10am -1pm

Developing Clicker Training with Sian

Saturday 17th June | 10am -1pm

Heard about clicker training but not sure how it can help you and your dog?

Want to know more about how to use the clicker to teach your dog, unlock their potential and have fun?

Already using a clicker but not confident you’re getting the most out of this powerful training method?

This workshop is taught by Sian, expert dog trainer from BBC2s Me and Me Dog, and will help you learn how it works, how to think ‘clicker’ and improve your observation skills, develop your practical dog handling skills and further develop your relationship with your dog.

Sian has been a clicker trainer for over 10 years, learning from Kay Lawrence and the team at Learning About Dogs and earning her CAP3 accreditation in 2009. She has taught clicker training to students on the MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln, as well as using it in classes, courses and workshops here at Developing Dogs. This workshop will help you avoid common mistakes and set you up for success as a clicker trainer. It will also discuss when it’s not appropriate, or easiest, to use a clicker and help you add the clicker to your training toolkit.

This workshop goes well with our Developing Dog Tricks for Happy Hounds workshop taught by Louise (also a trainer from Me and Me Dog) on Saturday 24th June 10-1, or our Developing Brain Games workshop with Sian on Saturday 15th July 11-2

Cost £55 including refreshments and clicker.

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