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Saturday 24th June | 10am -1pm

Developing Dog Tricks for Happy Hounds with Louise

Saturday 24th June | 10am -1pm

Do you think your dog has an inner need to show off?

Or, have they got lots of untapped potential and you are looking for some dog training ideas to tire them out, as well as have fun together.

Great for building your bond, tricks aren’t just about performing for an audience. Teaching your dog some fun behaviours can help you learn more about each other, and how to motivate them to learn.

Tricks can also be a great way of helping your dog learn to cope with things they currently find stressful such as having their claws clipped – everything can be a trick if you teach it correctly!

This Saturday morning workshop, taught by Louise (one of Sian’s training team from Me and My Dog), is a great follow on from Sian’s Developing Clicker Training workshop on Saturday 17th June.

To get the most out of the workshop you and your dog need a working knowledge of clicker training. If you can’t make the Clicker Training workshop then contact us for a 1:1 instead: [email protected]. You may also like our Brain Games workshop on 15th July.

Cost: £55 including refreshments

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