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Sunday 19th May 2019

Developing Dogs Hoopers Instructors Workshop

Sunday 19th May 2019

Hoopers is a relatively new dog agility-based sport to the UK, but it has been very popular in the US for the last decade. Hoopers is a fantastic class to be able to offer your clients, as almost any dog and handler can partake in it; going through hoops, round barrels and through tunnels means it is a low contact sport that dogs both young and old can enjoy.

This workshop is for dog trainers and will teach you the necessary behaviours needed to run a beginners class, it will also include a seven week course plan for you to use and adapt; there will also be ideas given as to how you can progress your own classes past the beginner stage. Please bring your own dog to work, however, if you are unable to bring a dog please get in contact as you may be able to borrow one of the instructors’ dogs.

This instructors workshop is run by Louise Bater who has 11 years of agility experience and has been teaching hoopers for three years with classes here and around the country! This workshop is for information only and has no form of judgment or accreditation.

The day will start at 10am (with registration and refreshments available from 9:30am) and finish around 4pm, refreshments will be provided throughout the day but please bring your own lunch, there is a microwave, fridge and kettle available if needed.

The course is on Sunday 19th May 2019 and will cost £90 per person.


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