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2018: 6th October, 17th November, 1st December

Developing Hoopers Workshops

2018: 6th October, 17th November, 1st December

Looking for a mental and physical challenge for your dog?

Interested in agility but would prefer something without contact equipment or jumps?

Experienced agility dog and handler wanting a new challenge?

You need Hoopers in your life. Taught by Louise Bater, accredited trainer and experienced agility competitor, our Hoopers classes are suitable for young and older dogs alike. We take care to ensure no-one does more than they should and offer fun and inclusive classes, which cater for competitive and non-competitive partnerships. Hoopers combines running through hoops, around barrels, through tunnels and via gates in a flowing course which is designed to enable the handler to stand in one place and cue the dog to complete the activities in the right order.

Louise’s knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and good humour will make this the most fun you’ve ever had in an agility-type class.

Advance and Beginners workshops available one Saturday a month

Cost: £25

Advanced: 10.00 – 11.30 all dates apart from 1:30 – 3.00 on 06/10

Beginners:  2.00 – 3.30 all dates apart from 3.30 – 5.00 on 06/10

Dates: 6th October, 17th November, 1st December 2018

Book your Hoopers workshop place now – there are multiple dates and times on offer in 2018 so scroll through the calendar to find a date that suits:


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