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One intro and one progression per month


One intro and one progression per month

Please note that due to injury we haven’t yet put dates for Mantrailing workshops in 2022, it is very likely to start up again in early February.

What is Mantrailing? It is a searching sport where you teach your dog to search for a specific person using an article that contains their scent. It all takes place on a lead and harness, and there’s almost no limits to where you can go to do your searches. It may sound like a lot to learn, but once you’ve done your induction everything will make sens and you’ll be hooked! Mantrailing is used in many operative forms such as police, military and national search teams, but almost every pet dog that has a go loves it! All breeds, ages, shapes, and sizes welcome. There’s no running, no need to be super-fit; just a love of doing things with your dog.

Mantrailing is a great way to build an even stronger bond with your dog, get out and about and share an activity that your dog is already a natural at: sniffing!

Our workshops are usually three hours. At the introduction workshop you will learn the basic handling skills and set up, and you and your dog will do three trails in search of that missing person.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to work multiple dogs in the introduction workshop, you must book a place per dog, this means that every dog gets the same amount of goes. You can book yourself one place for progression sessions for multiple dogs, but please get in touch if you have more than two dogs that you want to work on a workshop. 

Our progression workshops have a range of experiences and it’s where you develop your skills and increase the challenges with varying starts, terrains, trails and more.

Each dog / person team works individually, so your dog will have to wait in your car until it is their turn. This enables you to watch other teams working and to lay trails for others as their missing person. It also gives your dog a chance to rest after their efforts on the trail. Your dog must be comfortable resting in the car without barking or distress – if you have concerns about this please discuss with us first and we can help.

What to bring with you:

  • A harness that doesn’t tighten when your dog pulls
  • A long line (5m will be an ample length) (we have ones you can borrow)
  • Collar
  • Normal length lead
  • A scent article containing your scent (bandana, beanie, glove etc.)
  • A ziplock bag to put your scent article in
  • Two little tubs that will fit in a pocket
  • Some wet food to use to give your dog after each trail (Primula Cheese, sachet wet dog food, etc.)

Book your place using the calendars below: these workshops sell out quickly.

The first calendar is for the introduction workshop and the second for the progression workshop.

Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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