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Saturday 30th June 10am

Talking Dogs Scentwork: Scent 5 Practice Day

Saturday 30th June 10am


A day of honing skills through multiple finds, blank searches and declaring the search area clear. Find out just how well you and your dog are really working. Great preparation for Scent 6 and a fabulous day of scentwork for you and your dog.

This workshop is open to all handlers who have completed S3.

Talking Dogs Scentwork® is based on the work that founder, Pam Mackinnon, did in Customs and Excise, and adapted to be fun for our pet dogs.

Workshops led by Sally Talbot, TD Scentwork Accredited Trainer.

Registration, and kettle on, from 9.30am and the day starts at 10am. We will finish by 2pm.

We have a maximum of 6 dog and handler teams in our workshops so you get plenty of time to watch others and more time working with your own dog. Expect to be mentally tired by the end of the workshop!

Handler fee £80

Refreshments, but not lunch, included.

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