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  • You and your pet deserve the best to develop the relationship of a lifetime.
  • Need puppy training classes near Ely, Cambridge for your new addition?
  • Interested in our exclusive home-based training, where we come to you and work with you at home?
  • Or just got an older dog and need a  dog trainer who can offer beginner dog training classes?
  • Looking for dog training classes which are designed to give your dog the best chance of being confident, well behaved and fun to own?
Developing Dogs Training Centre

Developing Dogs Training Centre

Developing Dogs is a dedicated dog training centre set in 8 acres of securely fenced fields and training paddocks near Ely, Cambridgeshire with a range of classes for pet dogs, owners and trainers. We love to learn, love to teach and love to have fun with people, puppies and dogs. Our workshops and activity days open up a whole new world of fun and learning with your dog.

Our aims are to develop your relationship with your canine companion, give you the tools to understand each other and help your puppy or dog develop the important life skills that make them part of the family. Our classes, developed alongside leading researchers in canine science, will develop your relationship, learn how to live together in harmony and give you great ways of playing together too.

Inside the Training Barn

Inside the Training Barn

We also offer one to one training sessions at home, or at our training centre, if you prefer more dedicated support and dog behaviour advice if you and your dog are having problems and need more intensive or specialist support. Or you can hire our 8 acre securely-fenced field and walk your dogs without worrying about people or other dogs.

In all our classes, events and behaviour modification we promote only kind, fair and effective methods. Our class sizes are small to ensure you and your dog get the best experience possible. Punishment, stress and over-arousal inhibit learning and damage relationships and have no place in our training centre.

Book now and start your journey to a better relationship with your dog.

Watch now to learn more about Life Skills for dogs of all ages: An Introduction to Life Skills at Developing Dogs

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