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Safe Dog Walks



Over 7 acres made up of 3 interconnected fields with ponds, parkour equipment and lots of lovely scents for your dogs to enjoy, all conveniently placed just off the A10 between Ely, Cambridge and Newmarket. The whole space is exclusively yours when you book a slot.  

Fencing around the fields is a minimum of 4ft high, with most of it further secured by hedgerows behind the fencing which reach well over 6ft. The perfect place to practise what you’ve learned in our Puppy Life Skills Training classes or try the new techniques from our Developing Dogs Sociability class with your reactive dog without being bothered by people or other dogs. You can check availability and book a walk for the next 2 weeks to the right.

We are able to give you exclusive use of the space to walk your dog, knowing that they will not meet other dogs. This is a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy taking your fearful dog for a walk, or to put your puppy training in to practice in a more ‘real world’ environment.

The field is left to nature as much as possible, with minimal mowing to encourage wild flowers and wildlife – we are lucky enough to be regularly visited by local barn owls hunting for field voles. We also have two large ponds where your dog can paddle or swim if they want to, and at least one rabbit warren!

Please note: We do not allow the use of choke or prong collars, spray collars, hand held spray devices or electronic training collars anywhere on our land. You may not use our field with a trainer who is not part of the Developing Dogs team. Nor do we allow walks which are open to anyone to join via social media advertising. We reserve the right to intervene and end any training or behaviour we regard as inappropriate or against the welfare and ethical ethos of Developing Dogs.

The field must be booked online and you can control your own bookings, changes, cancellations etc up to 12 hours before your walk.

Each 45 minute slot costs £10 and must be booked via the online system. We do not take bookings via email. 

The system will remember you if you create an account so you won’t have to keep entering your details.

The field is bookable up to 2 weeks in advance and the calendar shows any available slots. If no slots are showing it means that the next 14 days are sold out. New slots will show the following day for 14 days from that day. 

The field is available on Mondays and Fridays between 10.45 and 16.00. You can see all the available slots for the next two weeks on the above link. If the calendar says there are no available slots then the slots that were available are fully booked.  New slots will show the following Friday for 14 days from that day.

Each slot is for 45 minutes and we book slots back to back so that more people can use the field when it’s available. This means you must respect the people following you and be ready to leave the car park by the end of your booked time. If you are repeatedly over-running we reserve the right to refuse further bookings.

We only hire with exclusive use but we’re happy for you to club together with a friend and share the booking. Bookings for social events for dog walking or breed groups may be possible but please contact us for details – additional charges may apply depending on the number of dogs.



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