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Developing Dogs Activity Meadows is a dedicated dog walking space near Ely, Cambridgeshire. 

We have 7 acres of securely fenced fields, just for you and your dogs. With in-field parking behind secure automatic solar-powered gates, there’s no need for leads.

Explore our private meadows with a variety of activities for you and your dogs to enjoy. We provide water, poo bags, poo disposal bin, and lots and lots of peaceful space with stock fencing in front of thick hedges for privacy. Fence and hedge heights are a minimum of 2m around the field and the hedges are several metres thick. Entrances to neighbouring fields are screened, padlocked, and double-gated – no chance of any nose-to-nose contact if there are dogs in adjacent fields. The grass is a mixture of short and long, depending on the time of year.

The field is left to nature as much as possible, with minimal mowing to protect the grass and soil,  encourage wild flowers and wildlife – we are lucky enough to be regularly visited by local barn owls hunting for field voles, and families of swallows who nest on our land.  We do at least 2 full mows every summer but the field will never be ‘lawn’ and we have recently planted around 600 trees from a grant from The Woodland Trust

We don’t charge for extra dogs and you’re welcome to meet friends and walk together.

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We believe owning a dog should be fun. Always train using positive reinforcement and set your dog up for success. Our fields are the perfect space to practice the skills you’ve learned in classes.

We recommend Calum McConnell for all your dog training needs. Calum was the lead trainer for our Developing Dogs Training Centre for 5 years, and is now offering classes as Woof and Wood.

We  also have some useful videos on our blog. Need some help with your new puppy? Click here to watch our videos on Housetraining, Puppy Biting, and those First Few Days now.

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