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Based near Ely, Cambridgeshire Developing Dogs Activity Meadows are co-owned and run by Sian Ryan, the training and behaviour expert from BBC2’s Me and My Dog, and are the product of many years of practical experience backed up by academic qualifications in dog behaviour and training so you can be sure that our fields are designed to provide you and your dogs with the best place to enjoy your walks together. 

Behind the scenes, Sian is supported by her husband Paddy. Co-owner of the meadows and provider of much of the practical labour and skills to build the equipment. He is also the Chief Coach for the women of Cambridge University Boat Club and you can see him on the BBC during the Boat Race as he prepares, selects, and supports the crews in his squad.

In May 2014 we opened Developing Dogs Training Centre and made our fields available whenever we didn’t have training classes so that others could enjoy the safe space we had created for dogs. When we opened our Holiday Cottages in 2017 we had to reduce the number of hours our fields were available, until 2021 when we were able to open additional, dedicated space as the Developing Dogs Activity Meadows.

Providing safe, private spaces for dogs and owners to enjoy their walks has been a key part of our lives for as long as we have been here – and was a dream for several years before that. Whenever we told others of our plans they all thought it would never work. Since we’ve opened – one of the first dog walking fields in the UK and certainly the first locally – others have followed suit and there are now 100s of fields across the country. We are proud to have been at the forefront of providing exclusive space for dogs and owners to walk together.

The most important team at Developing Dogs Activity Meadows  are the resident dogs, Riley, Cooper, Woody and Buzz.

Riley, originally found as a stray by Hope Rescue, and the reason Developing Dogs exists. Sadly died aged 14 in 2019. Her legacy is the Activity Meadows.

Cooper, a playful lurcher from Jerry Green Dog Rescue, was a founding member of the team. His gentle and playful personality made him a firm favourite of everyone who met him. He died after a short illness in August 2018 and is much missed.

Buzz was rehomed via Greyhound Gap with 9 homes before he came to  us at a year old. He is number one training partner and loves to try all the new things Sian comes up with.

Woody is the youngest, and his chief purpose is as Buzz’s playmate. He was found wandering our lane, and no-one claimed him.

You can follow Buzz and Woody on Instagram @Pupstory

We look forward to welcoming you to Developing Dogs Activity Meadows

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