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2018: January 26th, April 27th, July 13th, October 12th

Craig Ogilvie Play Workshops

2018: January 26th, April 27th, July 13th, October 12th

Do you struggle to get your dog’s engagement outside?

Or, would they rather play with other dogs than with you? Do they just have no interest in toys at all?

This is the workshop for you! Craig will get you both moving, and playing together with lots of energy and enjoyment.

Be prepared to work hard – and to run – in this workshop. You will need your trainers!

Craig is a play specialist, with experience of working with a range of working and pet dogs, and shares his knowledge in a humourous, and enthusiastic manner.
You will work your dog individually at least twice during the workshop and you can work different dogs for each of your turns if you wish. If you want to work more than one dog more than once then you will need to book multiple places.
Your dog must be able to rest in the car, or a crate away from the training area, when not working.
As dogs work individually, with no dogs watching on the side lines, this workshop is suitable for dogs who would not cope in a class environment.

Cost: £45 including refreshments.

Times: 10-12, 12.30 – 2.30, 3-5

Dates: 26th January 2018, 27th April 2018, 13th July 2018, 12th October 2018

Book your play workshop place now – there are multiple dates and times on offer in 2018 so scroll through the calendar to find a date that suits:


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