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Twenty Signs Your Dog is Part of Your Family

Twenty Signs your Dog is Part of the Family.
I spent a day last week talking on various radio interviews about this lovely survey from Lintbells, which shows how much we care about our dog’s health and wellbeing and that we see them as one of the family.
It takes us just two months of having a dog before we can’t imagine life without them, and nearly half of us plan our holidays with our dog’s enjoyment in mind. A third of us even avoid going on holiday, or turn down nights out with friends, as we don’t want to be away from our beloved hounds.
And hands up who has a special place on the sofa for the dog?

These are the top twenty signs (with my answers alongside) as identified by the survey of more than 2000 owners, how many do you recognise?
1) You’ve got pictures of them in your house – YES
2) You give the a nickname as well as their actual name – YES
3) You can’t imagine life with another dog
4) They have their own space on the sofa – YES
5) They sleep on the bed with you – YES
6) You celebrate their birthday – YES
7) You include them in your Christmas family photos
8) You’re happier staying in with them than going on a night out with friends
9) They’re your phone screen saver – YES
10) You pack a bag for your dog when you go away – YES
11) You refer to them as your child, or furbaby
12) You’re always showing people pictures of them – YES
13) You’ve gone on holiday somewhere just because your dog would enjoy it – YES
14) You tell them you love them more than your partner
15) You have the vet’s number on speed dial – YES
16) You bought a house only after considering their needs – YES
17) You only go to dog-friendly pubs or restaurants
18) You’ve dedicated a whole area of your house or garden to their wellbeing – YES
19) You make more effort feeding them than you do your partner or kids
20) Your pet has a social media account – YES (Buzz and Woody are @pupstory on Instagram

Sian Ryan



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