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Dog behaviour

Mythbusting: Dominance in Dogs

Books have been written about dominance in dogs; research papers have been published; whole careers built and fortunes made on promoting the idea of pack leadership and needing to establish dominance over your dog. Here at Developing Dogs we take a different view; one which is supported by more recent

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You Train it Best, When You Train Nothing At All

With apologies to Alison Krauss / Ronan Keating and writers Paul Overstreet and DonSchlitz for paraphrasing  their song lyrics, but this weekend I had first hand experience of training without training. Many of my regular clients have met my lurcher, the lovely and ever-so-handsome Cooper, and many more of you will

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Muzzle Training

Teaching your dog to enjoy wearing his muzzle Whilst you could just put the muzzle on your dog and expect him to deal with wearing it, a few short training sessions can make wearing it a lot more enjoyable and therefore also a lot less stressful for both you and

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