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Covid-19 Coronavirus Policy Updates

Covid-19 Coronavirus Policy October 2020

As it gets colder, and wetter, we’ll be moving some of our classes back indoors, so we’ve made the training barn Covid-Secure. Changes that we’ve made include:
1. A new Sanitation Station at the entrance including alcohol gel, wipes, access to sink, hot water, soap and paper towels if preferred.
2. Rearrangement of the training centre equipment and environment to allow for better flow in and out of the centre.
3. New learning stations, giving each class participant a dedicated space of over 10sqm (107sqft). This is more than the guidance given to gyms to allow for their safe use by clients and much larger than standard industry guidance for dog training.
All within a well-ventilated training centre of over 200sqm.
To read the policy, including what we ask of you when you attend our classes please use this link:

Developing Dogs Covid19 Policy Oct 2020

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